The Monastery Konstamonitou

⇠ Karyes 15km (3 hours)

The Monastery Konstamonitou is situated in the northern part of Mount Athos, in an extremely wooded area with unique natural beauty, almost one hour on foot from the sea. According to the tradition, it was founded in the 4th century either by Megas Konstantinos or his son, Konstantas, who also gave his name to the monastery. Other people argue that the founder was a monk named Kastamonitis.
The monastery was burned in the 11th century and then rebuilt with the financial support of the Emperor Andronikos. In some golden bulls of the Emperors Ioannis Paleologos VI and Manuel Paleologos II the monastery is referred to as Konstamonitos.

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The Monastery Konstamonitou - Holy Mountain - Greece
The Monastery Konstamonitou - Holy Mountain