The Monastery Dohiariou

⇠ Karyes 15km (3 hours)

The Monastery Dohiariou is located in the most northern offshore area of the western side of the Athos peninsula. It was initially founded close the port of Daphni at the end of the 10th - early 11th century, by a “dohiaris” (a person who makes “dohia”, meaning pots and fonts), student of Athanasios Athonitis. This is why the monastery was later called Dohiarios. Later on, it was destroyed by pirates. The monks who survived, built the present monastery. The high tower was built in the early 17th century.
The monastery is dedicated to the Archangels Mikhail and Gabriel and celebrates on the 8th / 21st of November.

T +30 23770 23245

The Monastery Dohiariou - Holy Mountain - Greece
The Monastery Dohiariou - Holy Mountain