With its sandy beach, awarded the European "Blue Flag", this seaside village is close to the Neolithic settlement of Makrigialos.

This settlement dates back to 5,000 BC and is one of the largest to have been found in Europe.

The hilly nature of the area, with its fine views of the Thermaic Gulf, and the combination of sea and peaceful landscapes offer the visitor an idyllic environment.

Makrigialos is home to one of the most important mussel "farms" in Greece, producing the greatest quantity and highest quality of this delicacy to be found here.

Here you will find more attractive fish taverns bordering the sea offering traditional cooking with local specialities such as oysters and mussels. There is no shortage of Hotels and rooms to rent for the visitor.

Situated 22 kms from Katerini, the region's capital, Makrigialos is accessible from The National Motorway E75 (Junction: Nea Agathoupoli), the Old National Road from Thessaloniki to Katerini (Junction: Makrigialos) and from the recently completed coastal road which runs from Olympic Beach (Katerinoskala) to Nea Agathoupoli.